Corporate Building Services is focused around your business.

The Corporate Building Services restaurant cleaning service covers all the cleaning and staffing needs on a daily basis, weekly or monthly basis. We have clients that include high-volume upscale restaurants, 5-star hotels and casual dining establishments. Here are just some of the reasons that more than 40 restaurants and 25 hotels have chosen CBS to clean their restaurants.
    • CBS will design a cleaning plan that meets the needs of your restaurant. Our team will dynamically manage a cleaning program that allows your company to concentrate on what you do best: creating and serving exceptional cuisine.
    • Our cleaners are managed by industry-leading supervisors.
    • Clean and sanitize your kitchen equipment.
    • Cleaning of the floor and drains
    • Polished dining room marble floors, condition wooden walls, clean windows, and toilets
    • For our staffing service prep cooks or stewards, visit
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