Corporate Campus Cleaning


Corporate Building Services are focused on your business.

CBS has a wealth of experience in solving the unique cleaning problems faced by large corporate campuses. We can provide any number of cleaning staff, whether they are nightly, weekly, or monthly. The services can be as detailed or as simple as you require. Trustworthy and thorough staff are familiar with the delicate nature of cleaning private offices. They pay particular attention to not causing any disruptions to important paperwork or the unique habits of employees. The communal campus areas are expertly cleaned and disinfected. Corporate clients can enjoy the following services:
    • floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming)
    • Surface cleaning and disinfection (desks counters tables, tables)
    • equipment (printers, fax machines) dusting/cleaning
    • Cleaning and sanitation of break rooms and kitchens, including attention to food sanitation standards
    • Toilet sanitation (sinks and toilets, countertops, floors, etc.)
    • Emptying trash cans
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