Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning


We can clean any floor surface, including marble, vinyl, carpet, vinyl and wood. Each floor surface has its own cleaning and maintenance requirements. Your floor is the first thing customers see when they enter your business. A beautiful entrance is a key to a pleasant interaction. We work closely with our customers to make sure the most visible area stays looking its best.
Corporate Building Services crews are used to carpet vacuuming daily and periodically extracting carpets. We customize our equipment to suit the needs and size of your property so that they can clean efficiently and quickly. We can clean your carpet, no matter how old or new. Our crews are equipped with chariot vacuums, back packs vacuums, and everything else to keep your carpets in good condition.
Vinyl floors can lose their shine and luster when they are subject to foot traffic and other rolling objects, which can scratch or damage the waxed surface. CBS does periodic commercial floor maintenance, which includes waxing and mopping as needed.
Marble floors and terrazzo are beautiful additions to buildings. To maintain the brilliance of marble and terrazzo floors, polishing must be done regularly. We also make sure that the floors are free from slip-and-fall accidents.
Ask our customers: CBS is the only company that can maintain commercial flooring’s clarity and shine like CBS. Our commercial floor cleaners are highly skilled.
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