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The size and requirements of schools vary depending on their educational offerings and the grades they offer. We can do as much or as little cleaning as you require. Our trustworthy and thorough staff is careful not to disrupt classroom work or paper. Individual desks, common areas, and cafeterias are cleaned and disinfected. We offer additional disinfecting services during flu season to reduce exposure to pathogens and germs that could infect students and teachers. We offer the following services:
  • floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming)
  • surface cleaning (desks, counters, tables)
  • break room and kitchen cleaning and sanitation, with attention to food sanitation standards
  • restroom sanitation (sinks, toilets, counters, floors)
  • trash receptacle emptying
  • sports facility and training facility sanitation and cleaning
CBS Staffing can provide staff and day porters to clean up after and during sporting events.
To ensure that students are able to concentrate on their learning, it is important to use routine disinfection solutions and rigid cleaning procedures. Commercial cleaning and disinfection service providers can make this a problem for any type of learning facility. They want to provide the best and most safe solution for students and teachers.
Schools are now focusing on daytime cleaning. They have cleaning staff that clean the toilets and other high-touch areas such as push bars, handrails, door handles, and light switches at different times of the day. Daily cleaning and disinfection is required for sinks, toilets, keys, keyboards, mice, and desks.
It is essential to use electrostatic sprayers for sanitizing chairs and desks every day that the classroom is being used. The disinfectant is sprayed by the electrostatic sprayer and the droplets attach themselves to the surfaces. The positive and negative electrostatic charge wrap the disinfectant around the entire surface. You can also clean large areas like cafeterias, storage lockers and gyms thoroughly.
Students and teachers who work with people with breathing problems or fear might have concerns about the safety of industrial cleaning and sanitation chemicals. It is important to use only ecologically and environmentally-friendly chemicals that are approved by the EPA for anti-bacterials.

Both students and instructors can play a role in the solution. Establishing admissions procedures for educational institutions is essential. It is a good idea to take temperatures and ask basic questions about wellness. Hand sanitizer should be available in all classrooms. Students should use it when they enter class. This will help to reduce the spread of bacteria in the classrooms and common areas. Students can help and secure everyone in the facility by using proper disinfectants and cleaning procedures.

Collaborating with custodial staff and commercial cleaning service partners is crucial for colleges to fully reopen to the public. All schools, colleges and universities must include sanitation services using spray and wipe, or electrostatic sprayers as a regular part of their cleansing programs.
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